Is your Child a Mouth – Breather?

IF your child is a mouth-breather, taker him/her to the allergist and pediatric ENT. However, don’t forget to make an appointment with a dentist or other airway expert who can join in treatment of the whole picture for your whole child. You and your child will sleep better for it!

If you can see or hear your child breathing, that is a problem! This will lead to jaw malformation, a bad bite, sleep-deprivation, ADHD, trouble thriving in school etc. Observing what should be silent or invisible can affect a child’s ability to restore and rest and grow at night. The child may have no difficulty falling asleep or show any obvious sign of insomnia, nevertheless, the brain is not resting and sleep is not restorative. As much as 2/3 or ADHD kids has disordered breathing during sleep!

Fortunately there is a way to intervene without causing havoc in the child’s life. There are ways to grow the airway and improve a child’s sleep. So, YES, if your child is a mouth breather, take him/her to the allergist and pediatric ENT. However do not stop there. Find a dentist or airway expert who can join in and ensure your child grows up healthy and happy. You may even find that you sleep better as well!