Does your bed partner snore?

Snoring is a sign of unrestorative sleep. Not getting proper restorative sleep can take 7-10 years off our lives! If you or a loved one snore, get help today! Sleep medicine/dentistry is the fastest growing field of healthcare because it affects so much more than the bedpartner who can’t sleep because of the noise. It affects our health!

Q. What causes Snoring?

A. Snoring is caused by vibrations of the relaxed soft tissue in the upper airway as you breathe. Although occasional snoring is normal, snoring because a chronic and potentially dangerous condition. Snoring can cause interruptions to the sleep patterns of you and your loved ones. There are a number of factors that can cause snoring such as enlarged tonsils, position of the teeth, deviated septum, allergies, excess body weight. All of these factors can contribute to narrowing of the airways. When you fall asleep, the muscles supporting the soft palate, uvula, tongue and tonsils relax. The forceful airflow results in loud vibrations.

Q. What are the risks of snoring?

A. Snoring is associated with an increase risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, coronary artery disease, hormonal changes, stroke, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), ADHD. Snoring can cause disruptions to your sleep affecting your performance during your daily activities. Lack of sleep puts patients who snore at an increased risk for vehicle accidents, can cause unfavorable mood swings and poor work performance.

Q. How is snoring treated?

A. Before you begin treatment, ask us at CPDANYC to determine the underlying cause of your snoring. There are a number of effective ways to treat snoring from craniofacial growth, oral appliances, laser therapy. We can work with other health care professionals and other options include CPAP or surgery. Additional treatments for snoring include weight loss, nasal sprays, nasal strips/cones, positional therapy.